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Pristine Awareness: Foundation for Buddhist Practice is  a non-sectarian organisation dedicated to supporting individuals to engage in meaningful practice. We welcome people from all backgrounds, whether beginners or advanced practitioners, and value diversity in all its forms. Pristine Awareness encourages and supports spiritual autonomy, curiosity, and creative and critical thinking. We consider personal ingenuity to be an integral part of each individual's spiritual practice. Our core mission is to provide a simple and clear path to profound wisdom and compassion applicable to people of all cultures.

At Pristine Awareness we focus on the essential Buddhist practices that lead to direct experience of one's true nature rather than on complex visualizations or mantra recitation. We offer an opportunity to understand and directly experience that true nature through simple meditation and awareness practice. We are non-sectarian in our approach, however we draw heavily from the wealth of teachings of Tibetan Buddhism. The meditation and other spiritualpractices we offer are unique, with an emphasis on simplicity and adaptability to modern life. We specialize in tailoring practice for people facing challenges such as disability, chronic illness and mental health issues. You can learn more about our unique practices by clicking the orange button below.

Why A FOCUs on practice?


It is Buddhist practice not study that is the swift path to freedom from the misery of negative emotions and the cycle of suffering. Oftentimes study becomes an ornament of the ego and just another worldly pursuit. A basic understanding of the Buddhist fundamentals is all we need in terms of study. After that our focus should be on practice, especially if we truly wish to be free and help others to be free as well.


Meditation is scientifically proven to improve both physical health and psychological well-being. From lowering blood pressure and boosting immunity to reducing recovery times from injury and stabilizing our metabolism, meditation can dramatically improve our health and lives. Daily meditation practice has a deep and cumulative benefit to health far beyond the small amount of effort and time it takes


Meditation reduces stress and neutralizes negative emotions. Dozens of studies have shown that meditation is a reliable, low-cost, side-effect free way to deal with anxiety, panic, grief, depression and trauma. In meditation we find tranquility, joy, compassion and contentment. Meditation also connects us with the true nature of mind, which is also the true nature of all things.


When we meditate together we feel supported and connected. There is a reason one of the three jewels of Dharma is Sangha - the community of fellow practitioners. Group meditation can help us start and maintain a regular meditation practice. Practicing as a group affirms our values and supports us in living ethically.Together we can not only transform ourselves but also work together to change the world.


Pristine Awareness offers free online meditation classes and  workshops and courses on Buddhism.


"All experiences are preceded by mind, have mind as their master,

are created by mind."

- The Buddha


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