The principal aim of Pristine Awareness: Foundation for Buddhist Practice (PA) is the creation of a harmonious community dedicated to Buddha Dharma. Pristine Awareness Foundation is  a non-sectarian organization dedicated to supporting individuals to engage in meaningful Buddhist practice. Our primary focus is the awakening of joy, love, compassion and evenness. We follow the "pith instruction" tradition or style of practice, which focuses on simplicity, adaptability and embedding practice in daily life. We are particularly inspired by the following pith instruction from Kyabje Togden Amtrin:

Arouse joy and rest in its natural radiance!

Not only is this the heart of the path,

but indeed it is the heart of Awakening.

We are also committed to embodying the values and principles illustrated by the following pith advice from Tulku Namgyal Dawa Rinpoche:

Find contentment in your own path and rejoice in others’ achievements.

Let compassion be your guiding light and your heart will be filled with oh so much joy.

Our Mission Statement:

Pristine Awareness: Foundation for Buddhist Practice intends to be a fully inclusive Dharma organization focused on meditative and contemplative practice rather than study, ceremonies or ritual. We are particularly inspired by the deep simplicity of Early Buddhism, Chan and Dzogchen. In light of this, we are dedicated to supporting individuals to engage in Buddhist methods that are simple, meaningful and transformative. We aim to do this by:

  • Supporting individuals to engage in Buddhist practice through a path of simple, accessible methods free from sectarian bias.
  • Ensuring that anyone who wishes to practice the Dharma can practice Dharma irrespective of race, ethnicity, nationality, income level, educational level, gender, or sexuality.
  • Making Dharma accessible to those who face challenges such as remoteness, disability, mental health issues or chronic illness by utilizing online and digital platforms.
  • Establishing an ecumenical Buddhist hermitage or retreat centre that will provide affordable and appropriate spaces for individuals to engage in solitary, intensive practice for extended periods.

Our approach:

We offer three distinct streams of practice, training and support:

  • a secular program of Calm Abiding, Insight meditation instruction and awareness training for people of all faiths or no faith;
  • a non-sectarian Buddhist program focused on sharing the universal core of the Buddha’s teachings, specifically teachings on meditation, compassion and the true nature of mind.
  • Support for those with chronic illness and mental health issues wanting to learn about meditation or Buddhism.

As noted, we are open to all Buddhist traditions but are specifically inspired by the Mahamudra and Dzogchen traditions from Tibet, the Chan tradition (or Chinese Zen) and the early sutras that expound the Buddha's original methods to achieve liberation. We welcome people from all backgrounds, whether beginners or advanced practitioners, and value diversity in all its forms. At Pristine Awareness we focus on the essential Buddhist practices that lead to direct experience of one's true nature rather than on complex visualizations or mantra recitation. We offer an opportunity to understand and directly experience that true nature through simple meditation and awareness practice. Pristine Awareness: Foundation for Buddhist Practice is committed to delivering these teachings in a way that is accessible, authentic and understandable for all people in this complicated, modern world in which we live. We are  dedicated to relieving emotional and psychological suffering for all, both Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike, especially those who are marginalized or oppressed. We aim to do this by providing training in meditation, awareness, compassion, ethics and other Buddhist practices that promote well-being and a more ethical and holistic approach to everyday life. Pristine Awareness encourages and supports spiritual autonomy, curiosity, and creative and critical thinking. We consider personal ingenuity to be an integral part of each individual's spiritual practice. Our core mission is to provide a simple and clear path to profound wisdom and compassion applicable to people of all cultures.

To support us in creating a harmonious practice community we have a Buddhist-inspired Code of Conduct that applies to all PA teachers, employees and participants.

You can join us for a meditation session, online Dharma talks or sign up to our five year practice program - The Path of Joy and Ease.

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